Complaint options

If you are not satisfied with how your claim has been handled, you can file a complaint. We will do our best to ensure that your claim is handled correctly and in accordance with applicable terms and practices.

If you wish to file a complaint about the price or other aspects of your insurance agreement, please contact customer service at

Step 1: Speak with your personal advisor

We aim to resolve all cases as early in the process as possible. If you are not satisfied with the treatment you have received from Vertikal Helse, we would like you to first contact the person who has handled your case. A conversation can clarify misunderstandings or provide new information, and in most cases, the majority of issues are resolved at this stage.

If we are unable to reach an agreement after a conversation, you can submit a written complaint to us.

Step 2: Formal complaint to the company's internal complaint committee, the Quality Committee

If you and your advisor cannot reach an agreement, you can turn to Vertikal Helse's Quality Committee. The Quality Committee consists of members with medical, administrative, and legal expertise and acts as your customer advocate in insurance matters. The committee views the case from your perspective and has the authority to confirm or amend previous decisions based on a new review of the case. You must file a complaint with the Quality Committee within six months from the date the decision you are complaining about was made.

Submit a complaint to the Quality Committee.

Step 3: Complaint to the Financial Services Complaints Board (Finansklagenemnda)

If an agreement has not been reached after it has been processed by the company's internal complaint committee, you can, within six months, request the case to be presented to the Financial Services Complaints Board (Finansklagenemda). If the deadline of six months is not met, you will lose the right to make the claim. The primary role of the Financial Services Complaints Board is to assist financial companies and their customers in reaching an agreement in dispute cases. The board re-evaluates the case and provides an advisory opinion on whether the company's decision is in accordance with the current terms and the Insurance Contract Act (Forsikringsavtaleloven).

Learn more about the Financial Services Complaints Board.

Complaint to the EU Commission

The EU Commission has established an online complaint portal where you can get assistance in filing a complaint related to online shopping. If you wish, you can use this EU portal to lodge a complaint with the Financial Services Complaints Board (Finansklagenemnda) instead of filing a direct complaint with them. In the form, you will be asked to enter Vertikal Helse's email, so use

The EU complaint portal