Health insurance

How to use your health insurance and other related services

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Health insurance includes*:

  • Your personal medical advisor, who will assist you before, during and after treatment
  • Costs covered relating to treatment, travel and accommodation prescribed by Vertikal Helse
  • 5 physical treatments without referral
  • Up to 10 hours of psycology treatment after referral from your GP
  • 12 hours of psychological first aid for psychological reactions due to unforeseen events such as violence, robbery, traffic accidents or death
  • Treatment of addiction
  • Rehabilitation following surgery if prescribed by the treating specialist
  • Offer of Second Opinion of diagnosis already given by a specialist
  • Helseformidling - a service providing advice and assistance with or without insurance cover
  • Helsetelefonen – 24 hour health helpline for the whole family; for simple medical questions and advice
  • KRY – GP service on your mobile, the appointment is conducted as a video call

*Please note that this is only a summary of the health insurance terms and conditions as of 19.09.19.

How to use the health insurance and related services

1. Referral

  • If you need an examination or treatment by a medical specialist, e.g. orthopedic, dermatologist, you need a referral from a doctor. This also applies if you need an appoinment with a psychologist or an x-ray investigation.
  • If you need treatment by a physical therapist, we must approve the treatment in advance. It is stated in the insurance certificate whether you need a referral from a medical specialist or if the health insurance includes an agreed number of treatments without referral.

2. Submit your health insurance claim with BankID

Before treatment you need to submit your health insurance claim.

  • You can upload referral and other attachments during the registration.
  • Please note that you must have a BankID to register a claim.
  • You may also need your agreement number (you can find this in your insurance agreement).

NB! If you don't have a Norwegian national identity number, please follow the step below.

2. Submit your health insurance claim without BankID

If you don't have a Norwegian national identity number, you have to submit your health insurance claim manually.


3. Contact

A medical advicor at Vertikal Helse will contact you when we have received your health insurance claim to ensure quick, safe and appropriate treatment.


You can call us at Helsetelefonen regarding questions concerning you health. We will assist you and guide you regarding questions related to sickness and health. Open 24/7.

When can I call?

We will help you and advice you concerning questions about e.g. children with fever,rashes, chest pain and vaccination if travelling abroad. Experienced nurses will around the clock answer questions related to your health.


None of your health/medical information will be shared by Helsetelefonen with Vertikal Helse.

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GP service on your mobile

By using KRY you can book an appointment with a GP and get a video consultation, when and where it suits you. We can also help you with e-prescriptions and referrals.

You can get an appointment all weekdays between 7 AM and 10 PM and between 8 AM and 10 PM during the weekend.

Your children under the age of 18 is also included in this service.

How does it work?

  1. Download the KRY app.
  2. Create a profile and register your agreement number.
  3. When needed, book an appointment online.
  4. Sign in using BankID.
  5. Describe your symptoms and answer some simple questions. You may also upload a photo.
  6. You will receive a confirmation and time of appointment.
  7. The appointment with the GP is set up by video by mobile phone/tablet and you will get medical advices, e-prescriptions, and referrals if needed.

Download the KRY app here:

Google Play
App Store
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