Assessment and treatment

If you have seen your general practitioner and have been referred for further evaluation, your health insurance can assist you if the public waiting time is long. We collaborate with numerous private clinics with expertise in the assessment and treatment of various medical conditions.

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  • Medical imaging

    Prompt appointments for MRI, CT, X-ray, mammography, and ultrasound.

  • Medical specialist

    Prompt appointment for evaluation and treatment with a medical specialist.

  • Travel and accommodation

    Travel and accommodation are covered for distances exceeding 50 kilometers of travel.

If you have issues that require specialized expertise, you will typically be referred to the specialist healthcare service for assessment and treatment. This usually takes place at the public hospital level, where there are often long waiting times. The purpose of health insurance is to ensure swift access to specialist expertise.

If you have been referred to the specialist healthcare service, and the public waiting time exceeds the guarantee period in the insurance agreement, you can register a case with us. This applies both if you are referred for medical imaging, such as MRI or CT scans, and to a medical specialist, such as a pulmonologist, orthopedist, or neurologist.

For travel distances exceeding 50 kilometers one way for assessment or treatment, we cover transportation according to the government rates for patient journeys.

Accommodation, taxi, and flights: Must be pre-approved by Vertikal Helse. Please contact your medical advisor to arrange flight bookings and accommodation.

Companion: Travel for a companion is covered in specific cases and must be pre-approved by Vertikal Helse.

Treatment guarantee

The treatment guarantee is a guarantee that the initial assessment or treatment will take place within a specified number of working days. Our treatment guarantee is 7 working days for assessment, followed by 10 working days for treatment.


The health insurance covers one rehabilitation stay of up to four weeks if the need is a direct consequence of a surgery or treatment. You must be referred by a medical specialist in specialist healthcare, and the rehabilitation must be medically necessary to improve your functional capacity.