Psychological help

At times, unexpected situations arise in life, making it necessary to speak with a professional. If you have psychological treatment included in your health insurance, Vertikal Helse has an extensive network of psychologists who can assist you with both major and minor life challenges.
What is included in your insurance can be found in your insurance certificate by logging into My Pages at
Travel expenses related to psychological treatment are not covered.

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  • Digital self-help tool

    Through the Overvinne app, you receive self-help assistance. This can be beneficial even before the need for a psychologist arises.

  • Video sessions with a psychologist

    Gives you the opportunity to talk to a psychologist whenever and wherever it suits you.

  • In-person session with a psychologist

    If you prefer to have conversations at the psychologist's office.

How do you proceed?

"We cover up to 10 sessions with a clinical psychologist within a 12-month period from your first treatment date. You can find the details of your coverage in your insurance certificate.

You need to report a claim and upload the referral you received from your doctor. A medical advisor will get in touch within a few days to assist you further.

We have a large network of psychologists with expertise in assessing and treating everything from minor life challenges to severe mental disorders

Are there any limitations?

The insurance covers up to 10 sessions with a psychologist. If you need more treatment beyond the allocated hours, you will need to pay for it yourself or consult with your General Practitioner for public assistance.

There must be a 12-month gap from the date of your last treatment before you can apply for new treatments through the health insurance.

Assessment and treatment by a psychiatrist are not covered. A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders.

Coaches, gestalt therapists, and other non-authorized practitioners are not covered by the health insurance.

Psychological help when and where it suits you

In addition to our network of psychologists across the country, we collaborate with Overvinne, which offers video sessions with psychologists and a digital self-help tool. Please note that the self-help tool is only available in Norwegian. 

Psychological first aid for acute assistance

If you have experienced an acute event such as robbery, violence, or sudden death, this is covered through the Psychological First Aid service. You don't need to register a case on our website, but can call directly to report your needs.

Psychological First Aid is included in your health insurance and in many of If's personal insurance policies. Check your insurance certificate to see if it's included in your incurance.